Solid Waste


Shortage of

natural resources


  •  Plant Trees  - Some organisations working towards this goal are  Grow-TreesProject Green Hands (Isha Foundation); SayTrees; Sankalptaru
  • REduce, REuse, REcycle, REpair ( Try one of the many aggregator start-ups  (list in my blog ) catering to home services sector, running successfully in several studies in India
  • Segregate waste (Waste needs to be treated as a resource; possible only when it is segregated at source - blog)
  • Conserve water, power, food items 
  • Increase use of renewable energy like solar, wind etc.

Climate change is a harsh reality of our times. Natural calamities are not new, but the frequency and ferociousness with which they are striking us now and that too in areas which never saw these before, is a worrying trend. Needless to say, much of it can be attributed to human activity. 

Climate Change

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A consumerist society of 6 billion has created a real problem for itself - How to dispose off the waste it has generated? There are several harmful effects of waste mismanagement. Climate change is one of them. 

The basic amenities like water, food, and power through coal, oil & gas and other non-renewable resources,  are becoming insufficient to meet the rising demand. Further, climate change is having adverse impact on food production and supply.


​​​​​​Our planet Earth needs us to act now!

It gave us land, water, air, natural resources, and so much more. However, due to our ever-growing population, it is coming under severe strain. We need to 'help IT support US.'  Let's take small steps towards making a big difference. Let's start TODAY! Plant and protect trees, reduce waste, conserve our resources...

      Go Green! Get Green

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